Project summary

This is only the size of a coin Wuvo Spot is a new generation of the artifact, the APP wisdom, victory by the suzhou software technology co., LTD for custom development Wuvo companies in the United States, hang it on the key, on the computer, plug into the wallet, well, it is a good decoration, more important is, of course, you will never find these personal items!
  • Find response: Select the item you are looking for in the APP, the Wuvo Spot attached to the item will emit a sound response, and the phone will guide you to where to look for the item;
  • Reverse find mobile phone: pick up your Wuvo Spot tap two times, immediately call mobile phone! Ringtone response occurs even when the phone is silent;
  • Easy to retrieve after lost: When an item attached to Wuvo leaves the sensing range, Wuvo APP will send you a reminder message immediately, so that you can take preventive measures;
  • Replaceable Battery: Wuvo uses a CR2032 button battery, which is replaceable;