[Driving Training] Solutions

One-stop solution for the driving training industry, to help driving schools solve the problem of enrollment difficulties, high management costs, improve the service ability of driving schools and industry reputation


Chisalsoft united with the domestic advanced intelligent teaching robots, tailor-made comprehensive intelligent driving training overall solution for the driving training industry, with independent registration and appointment, intelligent teaching, simulation test, financial settlement module, the first to launch a new model of intelligent driving school.


Business architecture
Student registration Class appointment Class hour billing Online payment Student evaluation Simulation practice Exam booking Coach class arrangement Class hour fee settlement Coach class hour fee withdrawal Real-time training monitoring
The underlying architecture
Robot coach Vehicle driving trajectory Trainee APP Coach APP Financial management background Driving school management background Training ground management background System management background
User groups
Student Coach Driving school administrator Training ground administrator Driving school finance Platform system administrator

Application scenarios

Robot coach training system
Simulation practice and simulation examination system
Driving school financial management