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Software solutions

We are ready to provide global customers with a wide range of high quality online support, to provide better and efficient solutions.
Mobile application development

IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows CE application of the original language, and WeChat Mini Program
WeChat platform development

Provide advanced customized development of WeChat platform, aiming at the docking and development of the existing platform interface within the enterprise
Instant messaging development

Proficient in IM related technologies, master a variety of frameworks, and good at the secondary development of Openfire framework
Embedded development

Hardware and software communication products in the field of intelligent transportation, the development of Bluetooth (BLE)/WiFi /USB/ serial communication and other mainstream devices
E-commerce platform

B2B, B2C, C2C, F2C mode, set sales, payment management in one platform development

ERP, CRM and CMS platform development in real estate, property management and intelligent traffic light fields
Software testing

White box, black box, performance, pressure, and automated testing
UI design

Interaction design of APP UI and Web UI and design of original game paintings
Software project supervision

Assist Party A and Party B to manage the project from the whole process of demand development, design, testing, acceptance, training, operation and maintenance
Software project design

Provide customers with one-stop comprehensive software solution services

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We combine professionalism with passion and dedication

We have a group of professional teams who have worked in the Internet and related industries for more than ten years. Although we have different personalities, we all love the software industry. Most of us graduated from well-known universities majoring in software engineering.